Providing Artists, Managers, and Independent Labels
with the solutions they need to market and sell directly to their fans, and build successful businesses.

(from the Nimbit archives: circa 2002)
Founded in 2002 by Patrick Faucher and Phil Antoniades, Nimbit is the music industry’s leading direct-to-
fan platform for musicians, managers, and emerging labels.

Nimbit powers the brands and businesses of thousands of successful artists by giving them the ability to
easily market and sell their music and products (digital and physical) directly to fans, wherever they are
(web, gigs, social networking, etc.) A complete online solution for fan engagement and monetization,
Nimbit ensures musicians’ long-term sustainability and success by fostering strong, interactive, lifelong,
and profitable fan relationships.

Our Mission
Nimbit pioneered this space when we started building the most comprehensive platform for direct-to-fan
marketing and commerce. At the time, the industry as a whole was not ready to embrace direct to
consumer models, but many artists started to make viable careers outside the standard label model by
going direct to fans with their material, calling it DIY (do-it-yourself). We started serving these artists,
listening, constantly adapting and evolving the platform.

(Nimbit: 2010)
Today, the direct-to-fan channel is essential to the sustainability of nearly every artist at every level.
Large segments of the industry are now rapidly adopting the Nimbit platform. Our mission is to provide
THE direct-to-fan business platform that successful artists, managers, labels and the entire music
ecosystem use to collaborate and thrive.

Our Company
Nimbit is an all-in-one platform for direct-to-fan sales, marketing, distribution and artist management.
What does that mean? Once the music is produced, Nimbit provides storefronts for you to sell with, fan
and customer management tools to market with, and distribution services to deliver your products and
music everywhere. Then we throw in website and content management capability and a bunch of other
business services. It’s all in one place, seamlessly integrated to help build and manage your music
business more efficiently and effectively.

The Nimbit team is comprised of a group of talented individuals dedicated to your success. We’re
musicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs.  Our passion is to build, from personal experience, the tools
and solutions you need to power your music business.
What is BaileyBrown Union?
BaileyBrown Union is a leading “Artist Services” company with a primary
focus on the creation of “entertainment sales tools” of all kinds. We specialize
in "Selling, Selling, Selling." That's it in a nutshell. When it comes to selling,
we know it all, we do it all. You name it, we do it!

In addition to Artist Services, BaileyBrown Union consists of two main
business components: Concert Promotion &  our very own “MEMBERS
ONLY” social network."

Our Concerts: take place in smaller and more intimate settings (One Night
Stands, Solo Performances, Soundstages, An Evening With, Interviews,
Showcases etc.). Each show features a Q&A session with the featured Artist,
which gives audiences a more up-close and personal look at their history,
personalities, lifestyle and point of view.

Our Social Network: Our “MEMBERS ONLY” social network gives Fans that
are looking to “SPEAK THEIR MINDS” and are “MAD AS HELL” at the
state of show-business today, a chance to vent about artists that suck, music
companies that suck, comedians that suck, radio stations that suck, concerts
that suck, tv shows that suck, clowns that suck, nightclubs that suck and any
other entertainment that sucks… When Fans become Members, they receive
discounts to our events, unique offers and experiences that inspire Fan

Our motto is, “We give Artists What They Need - and Fans, What They Want.”